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Arson Suspected in Walton Fire That Could Have Caused Explosion

An alleged arson in Delaware County on Monday night could have been a disaster. That's when authorities discovered a structure fire on Burton Street in Village of Walton.

The fire was quickly extinguished, though an open natural gas line was later discovered. Authorities shut it off, averting a potential explosion and the death or injury of nearby residents.

An investigation revealed that the fire had been intentionally set and the gas-line valve was intentionally opened.

31-year-old David A. Thompson of Walton was arrested by members of the Walton Police Department and Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. He was hit with felony arson charges as well as other charges.

Authorities also arrested and charged 38-year-old Henry Stellato III of Hamden on felony arson and other charges.

It is believed the two conspired to commit the crime. Both were sent off to jail.