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Education Group Speaks on New York's Education Policies

The executive director of an organization that analyzes schools in New York State, the Alliance for Quality Education, says he does not think Governor Andrew Cuomo will spend much time on the common core during the State of the State speech.

The group says that funding our children's education is important and it sees flaws in the state's education policy.

Billy Easton, Executive Director of Alliance for Quality Education says, "Our position is that the idea of a high-quality curriculum makes a lot of sense. But that that state in multiple ways has really done in the wrong way. And, that includes the misuse of tests or evaluating teachers and evaluating schools. They're not only grading teachers but they're also grading schools, and then threatening those schools with a state takeover or even closure and those are bad ideas."

Easton also says there is a need for the Binghamton School District to have more funding.