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Windsor Superintendent Discusses Common Core

One local superintendent says he wants to see the legislature act on the changes by Governor Andrew Cuomo's latest task force on the Common Core educational standards.

That task force says Common Core aligned tests should not count for students or teachers until the start of 2019-2020 school year. It also recommended reducing the number of test days and test questions. Jason Andrews heads the Windsor Central School District. He says the legislature needs to turn the recommendations into law.

"The big priority would be in first of all separating school aid from teacher evaluation systems. I don't think that that really makes any sense. And then, of course, really not tying teacher evaluations to the student test scores, so that there's not such a heightened sensitivity to the student assessments," said Andrews.

Cuomo's latest task force recommended overhauling the Common Core and adopting locally-driven standards with input from local districts, educators and parents.