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Bhattacharjee emphasizes keeping talent local

New Bearcats women's soccer coach Neel Bhattacharjee is known as a great recruiter. He spent the last seven years as the head recruiter for Syracuse and Boston College, so you can expect him to bring in some top talent from around the country. But what about keeping top talent in town?

It's no secret that the level of soccer talent in Binghamton has grown exponentially in recent years. Bhattacharjee says that if there's a Division I caliber player here in town, he's all-in to try and keep them here.

"Knowing that there's a strong community here in Binghamton and Central New York for that matter, definitely want to keep the strongest players here at home," he said. "I want them to know locally there's a great opportunity for you to be seen, to represent your community. So that is important. I do, certainly want to branch out out of the state as well. I know when you're at Binghamton it is, in my opinion, the premiere state university in New York and certainly a great destination for out of state players as well."

Bhattacharjee says he has deep connections with teams and clubs throughout New York, New England, and New Jersey especially through his time with Syracuse and Boston College and will look to translate that into a winning roster.

The Bearcats are coming off a 3-12-2 finish having scored just 10 goals on the season.