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Dempsey taking control of gameplan to solve shooting woes

The BU Bearcats have been brilliant on defense of late, but have struggled to put the ball in the net on offense. Head Coach Tommy Dempsey says a lot of fixing that, and the blame, falls on him as coach. But how, exactly, can you solve that?

For one, he says that in drawing up a late game play that it will be very specific and take a lot of the improvisation and decision making out of the hands of the players.

"I think we just have to work on some late game sets that put us exactly where we need to be and take a little bit of the decision making out of the players hands and tell them 'hey, this is where we're going, get it there, and let's execute it.' I can't blame the players if we make a bad decision down the stretch. We are young, and I feel like I have to almost take it out of their hands and run something very specific that everyone's on the same page with," Dempsey said.

BU hosts Hartford on Wednesday at 7:00