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Binghamton Human Rights Commission Members Want Deal with Mayor

By Jason Weinstein.
Remaining members of Binghamton's Human Rights Commission are hoping to reach a deal with the Mayor's office that will allow them to finish their terms.

The nine-member Commission currently has just three active members. Mayor Rich David has submitted a proposal to allow him to appoint all members of the Commission. Currently he and City Council each choose a non-voting member and the Commission itself appoints the seven voting members.

The three active members have submitted a proposal of their own to City Council. One that lets them finish out their term while allowing the Mayor to fill the vacant seats now and other vacancies in the future.

"We would just like to see if we can find a way to negotiate that part of what he would like to see changed. So we're not opposed to the Mayor appointing new members," said Binghamton Human Rights Commission member Carole Coppens.

"I think that the Mayor has made clear on a number of occasions that he's more than willing to appoint former or current members of this reformed commission but those reforms have to take place first and get through City Council before any of that happens," said Binghamton Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham.

The Commission and Mayor's Office clashed last year over the Police Modernization Law. The terms of two members of the Commission end at the end of this year. The term of the other remaining Commission member runs through 2017. City Council is expected to discuss the issue next week.