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First Responders Thank Gural for Coming to the Rescue With Donation

A local EMS squad is taking time out to thank Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural for a generous donation that's making saving lives easier and safer.

The Tioga Center EMS squad was struggling to raise money for a power lift cot and stair chair to help them lift and move people in emergency situations -- and is especially useful for heavier patients.

Squad members say this technology is making their emergency rescues faster -- and safer for both the patient and the volunteers. But they say affording the $18,000 equipment would not have been possible, if it weren't for Gural's donation of $16,400.

"We're a volunteer squad. We're a small town," Captain Art Mayer, of Tioga Center EMS Squad, said. "We don't have the advantages of having a lot of money to spend. $18,000 for a cot and a stair chair is a substantial amount of money for us to raise."

Gural says he was happy to come to the aid of these first responders -- whom Tioga Downs, and its neighbors, rely on heavily.

"If you look at our customer base, we have a lot of older people here," Gural said. "We call on these guys quite often when somebody's not feeling well. So, it's important for us that we have the latest equipment available."

Gural says he expects he'll only need the help of these first responders more when it opens it's new casino in July.