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Cuomo Includes Binghamton in $25 Million Dollar Anti-Poverty Program

By Faith Jessie.
A $25 million dollar anti-poverty program is set to benefit 10 Upstate NY cities including Binghamton.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative Sunday which comes as the 12th proposal of his 2016 agenda.

10 cities including Binghamton were selected for this initiative based on the concentration of poverty in the municipality.

Each city will receive $500,000 in planning and implementation grants along with access to a $20 million grant pool that will match private sector and foundation funding.

“Every New Yorker deserves a shot at the American Dream – and this smart investment does just that,” said Governor Cuomo. “This is a complex problem, but through strong partnerships we will expand economic opportunity – from Troy to Elmira – and put all New Yorkers on a path to succeed. I look forward to working with these communities to break down barriers and create meaningful change for millions of hard-working families across the state.”

The other cities that were selected to benefit from the program include:


The proposal is set to fight poverty that effects over 3 million New Yorkers including 1 million children.