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Fighting For Peace: Preview

By Brianna Case.
Between politicians and extremists, a negative name has been given to Muslims.

Thursday night a police officer was shot by a man who said he did it in the name of the Islamic State, referring to ISIS. This among other events have led to a negative perception of the Islamic faith.

But that negativity is bringing people together, here in the Southern Tier.

"The main thing that I am trying to get across is that we really are one nation.
And, there are some trying to differentiate us based on religion or ethnic background, which is not something we should be doing as Americans," said Ehtisham Siddiqui.

"Essentially to show my support to the lagitamitcy of the Islamic community in our area and in the United States," said Jon Burgman, Co-President of Temple Concord.

"That it's imortant in thhis time and space to speak up, not only for tolerance but to welcome the celebration of diversity. And, so we are here to support our sisters and brothers who are members of the mosque and to participate in their reaching out to the community," said Kimberly Chastain, Pastor of United Presbyterian Church.

Members of the Islamic Association of the Southern Tier said that they've had enough and held an open house to combat this negative stereotyping.