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Kids Trade In Their iPads for Crochet Hooks

By Fox 40 News Staff.
Crocheting probably isn't something you would expect a child to want to do, but Your Home Public Library in Johnson City, sparked an interest.

They held their first crocheting class Saturday for children ages 8 to 12 years old.

The idea for the class came after children started to participate in the adult classes, so the librabry decided to give the children a class of their own.

The Crochet instructor, Virginia Cron says this was a way to get children to get away from their technology and learn how to pick up a new skill.

"To have the younger generation try to do this is, I think tremendous because it's carrying on the tradition of it," said Virginia Cron, Instructor.

Virginia says she is trying to make this class apart of the tradition. She plans on holding the children's crocheting class in the Spring and the Fall.