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Conklin Man Found With Stolen Vehicle and Meth

By Fox 40 News Staff.
Broome County Sheriff's arrested Luke Silver, 27 of Conklin after he took a car without permission.

The theft was reported from 46 Doolittle Rd. in The Town of Colesville. Authorities say Silver took keys out of a woman's pocket at her home in the Town of Colesville while she was sleeping. He then took off with the car.

The victim claims to have called Silver several times but he refused to return the vehicle.

Authorities say, a Broome County Sheriff's Sergeant was patrolling on East Main Street in Endwell when he and noticed the vehicle parked in a used car lot with Silver inside with another male passenger.

The Sergeant stopped Silver and arrested him. The Sergeant discovered methamphetamine on Silver during the arrest.

Silver was arrested for Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance. He is in the Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility with no bail.