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Binghamton Police Investigate Reports of Stabbing

By Fox 40 Staff.
Binghamton Police Detectives are investigating reports of a stabbing that happened early Friday evening.

Police confirmed the original incident happened on Binghamton's south side and later moved to 114 Broad Avenue, on the city's east side.

Binghamton police are still on the scene investigating the incident at the 114 Broad apartment building.

Because it's still early in the investigation, police are not releasing many details but word spread quickly on the east side tonight.

"Every time I see the news someone is either getting stabbed or shot and I'm just glad I don't live in Binghamton because I don't want my kids around it," said Kirkwood resident Kelli Worden.
"The mayor has got to do something about it."

Just two weeks ago another stabbing happened on the east side.

On December 23rd, police found a man stabbed in the neck on 59 Griswold Street.

Fox 40 will have more information as it becomes available.