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Soaring Powerball Jackpot Pays Off For Lottery Retailers

The Powerball jackpot now sits at a record setting $800 million.

Gas stations and convenience stores all over are enjoying the boom in business as people swarm the stores to purchase tickets.

Mike Lashway, the regional manager of Mirabito Convenience Stores, says this big Powerball has brought in two to three times more customers than they normally see.

"We love it," Lashway said. "All the customers are excited they've all got a dream that they are telling the cashier what they are going to do with the money when they win."

Fox 40 caught up with one hopeful customer as she purchased her Powerball ticket.

"I would pay off every single debt that I have, probably for my parents and grandparents too," customer Brandy Smith said. "But, I would take massive trips, travel. Ultimately, i would love to do some sort of like animal sanctuary or donate to the animals or things like that."

The Powerball drawing will be held Saturday. If no one wins this time around, the next jackpot could be as high as $8 billion.