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College Students Give Binghamton High Schoolers Tips for Success

College students returned to their alma mater to give tips for success to current students at Binghamton High School.

More than 30 college freshmen came back to talk about life after high school. They discussed some of the challenges they've faced, such as balancing school work with a social life and managing finances.

They also stressed the importance of getting involved on campus. High schoolers say the tips helped to ease some of their worries about the future.

“I feel better about the discussions we had. I feel more ready to go. I’m not as nervous anymore,” said Madeeah Oranchak, senior at Binghamton High School.

“I just think that it’s ensuring to let them know that we’ve all been there, we’ve done that. And it’s okay. You’ll make it through it and you’ll go somewhere great and have a great time,” said Haleigh Smith, college freshman and Binghamton High School Alumni.

This program has been active in the school for more than two decades.

Teachers say they are hoping to bring the same college students back in May to provide insight on their first full year in college.