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BU Named one of America's Healthiest Campuses

By Jason Weinstein.
No wonder Baxter the Bearcat has so much energy. Binghamton University has been named one of the 25 healthiest colleges in the country.

The website greatist.com bestowed the honor on the school. The website noted BU has sustainable food options in it's dining halls, thanks in part to the BU Acres Farm on campus.

It also noted the school's miles of walking trails around campus. BU officials say it's important to offer students healthy options to help deal with the pressures of college life.

"For some folks that means stress reduction. For some folks that means exercise but comprehensively we want to make sure that there are enough resources available for them to be living an optimal life while they're trying to navigate their academics," said Cindy Cowden, Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation.

The greatist.com rankings take into account many criteria, including special dietary options on dining hall menus, number of fitness classes offered, and available mental health resources.