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Lupardo Calls for Structural Inspections of Garages

By Jason Weinstein.
On the heels of this Summer's collapse of the UHS parking garage in Johnson City, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo is calling for periodic structural inspections of all parking garages in New York state.

She will submit legislation that would that would require those inspections by professional engineers periodically, possibly every three to five years. Currently code officers inspect garages every three years, but for fire safety and property maintenance. There are no regulations requiring structural stability inspections, according to Lupardo.

"It really is an oversight in the state Building Code. To reiterate, these (structures) are classified as Low Hazard Storage Facilities. These are hardly low hazard when they collapse on your car and, God forbid, someone had been in that UHS facility at the time," said Lupardo (123rd District - D).

Lupardo says at her request the Department of State will offer a course for local code enforcement officers on the inspection of parking structures. If Lupardo's legislation passes she expects the new mandatory structural inspections to begin in about a year.