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Local Koreans Are Skeptical of North Korean Threat

By Faith Jessie.
North Korea says the test of their first hydrogen bomb was a success. North Korea's State run media released photos that show Kim Jong Un signing what they say was the order for the test.

Seismic activity detected from North Korea showed a man made 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurring around 10 am Wednesday in Py-yong-yin. North Korea says the cause is from underground hydrogen bomb testing.

News of this possible hydrogen bomb going off in North Korea is leaving many Americans concerned yet some Korean members in our community who have family in Korea are quite skeptical.

"My mom is still living in South Korea, as well as my relatives" said Head Pastor of the Korean Baptist Church of Binghamton, Kyung Won Song.

"My roommate told me about the news this morning and I was like... Oh really?," said BU Senior Michelle Cho.

"Think people are kind of dismissive because its North Korea and they have been presenting these kind of things in the past,' said BU Grad student John Minami.

"They are lying again" said =Cho

But although there is skepticism there is still some concern.

"I think it is quite a threat that we have to be mindful about" said Pastor song

Pastor Song says that disaster in Korea could effect some of the international students who must return to Korea to serve in the military.

"National security in South Korea has a really direct impact on all the students," sad Pastor Song.

Yet, the students don't seem to be phased.

"I don't think the Korean peers are directed or care as much...many of them don't even know about it," said Minami.

"I don't think we should be panicked about it," said Cho.

" I think we should be alert but at the same time I don't think we should be fearful," said Pastor Song.

A message that these members are holding onto as they look toward the future.