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Local Seniors Learn about Healthy Beverages

Just how much sugar is in what you're drinking? On Tuesday, seniors at the North Shore Towers Senior Center got a lesson on healthy beverages.

It was all part of the "Healthy Beverage: Rethink Your Drink" program hosted by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and the Broome County Office for Aging.

Seniors played a game, guessing what drinks had the most sugar in them. They learned that some of the drinks they consume, such as certain lemonades and chocolate milks, can have double the amount of daily added sugar that is recommended.

“The drinks that we have now, they’re just loaded with sugar. And because they’re a liquid, they’re not going to give you the sense of fullness that a high-sugar food would, so you can over-consume really easily. And so that’s going to impact diabetes, overweight and obesity, all of those things,” said Elisa Bernardo, registered dietitian for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.

After the activity, seniors learned how to make an apple pie smoothie as a healthy drink alternative. These free presentations will be held throughout the month of January. The next will held be at the Johnson City Senior Center on January 7th at 11 a.m. The event is open to the public.