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CommuniKey to Expand to Syracuse

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
In 2011, Adam Sabol was a BU student with some friends, a dream and an appetite.

"We'd kinda be hanging out and want to grab lunch/dinner, so we would kinda name off places and our partner from long island was like, Tully's is cool and we realized a lot of kids at BU didn't know what we had going on here." said Adam Sabol, the Co-Founder of CommuniKey

So together they created CommuniKey,an app to connect students with local businesses.

"It kinda puts my name out there for free advertising on the app, they're very helpful with the community, they're there every step of the way on a name to name basis, they come in, support me through everyday." said Alexander Nichols, the Owner of Alexander's Cafe.

Communikey has grown outside of the Binghamton University community. It now has 3,000 users who pay $2 dollars per month to access discounts to 122 local businesses. They plan to expand to Syracuse within the next few months, with commitments from 12 in that area.

CommuniKey is available on the Apple App store.