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Seeing Double? Carmodys reunite at Events Center

Monday was a special night for the Bearcats as the 73-44 win over Misericordia ended the non-conference portion of their schedule with a 5-8 record, one win more than last season. The night was even more special for BU freshman Rebecca Carmody.

Carmody's twin sister Rachel plays for Misericordia and the two not only got to go head-to-head from a team standpoint, but spent most of the game guarding each other. While both were rightfully busy taking pictures and meeting with the 40-plus friends and family members in attendance after the game to ask questions, another twin, Head Coach Linda Cimino, shared her thoughts on the touching moment.

"It was a special moment for her," Cimino said. "Their whole high school team was here. Their whole high school team was here, they had 40-50 people in the stands. We allowed them to take a picture on the court in uniform after the game instead of just heading to the locker room. I got chills. I have a twin sister, so I know what it's like to play and compete in a game with your sister so I know what it's like to share that moment together. This is what it's about, right? These are stories we like to talk about. Rachel's a great player, so I was just really glad she was playing today because that was the whole point of setting this game up."

Rebecca outdid her sister in the box score with 13 points, compared to Rachel's five.

BU opens conference play on Wednesday at noon on the road against Stony Brook.

(Photo Courtesy: BU Athletics)