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Cuomo Proposes Water Infrastructure, Downtown Funds

By Jason Weinstein.
And in advance of the combined State of the State and Budget Address Governor Cuomo announced a number of proposed initiatives.

These include lowering the tax rate for small businesses, a $250 million investment in water infrastructure, and a $100 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

Under this plan one community from each of 10 regions in the state, including the Southern Tier, would get $10 million in funding. Mayor Rich David said he's ready to lobby for Binghamton to get the Southern Tier's $10 million.

"I am certainly going to advocate and pursue that $10 million funding for the City of Binghamton for a diverse range of projects that will complement the projects that we already have on the drawing board and have scheduled to break ground in 2016," said David.

The money is geared toward communities which have suffered population loss and/or an economic decline.