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Questions as Medical Marijuana Dispensing About to Start in NY

By Jason Weinstein.
New York officially launches it's medical marijuana program Thursday. And the owners of one dispensary in Johnson City say they are looking to open as soon as possible.

But some questions remain over the state's legalization of medical marijuana. Dawn Lanouette is a partner at Hinman, Howard, and Kattell. She says there is a lack of information on how the patient registry is going or how many doctors have taken the course necessary to register. She does say businesses need to enact policies to accommodate medical marijuana use and possession.

"There are going to be people who aren't patients but certified caregivers picking up marijuana and going to work because they drive an hour to and from work. It's not unusual around here. We're in a fairly rural area. Where's that employee going to store that marijuana? In their pocket, in their car?" said Lanouette.

The cannabis will only be provided to those who have qualifying conditions including cancer, HIV or Parkinson's disease. Only authorized patients or certified caregivers will be allowed in the dispensary.