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Excitement Fills Halls of MacArthur Elementary As K-2 Students Arrive

By Kerry Longobucco.
MacArthur Elementary School's youngest students got a belated holiday gift Monday morning.

The final group of students, from kindergarten to second grade, got to see their brand new building for the very first time.

Classrooms and hallways were filled with excitement as the children began their new year back where they belong.

"As soon as I opened the classroom door, they just went, "Oh wow!" And I was like "Okay, this is it," Jesilyn Bergman, first grade teacher at MacArthur Elementary, said. "You just forgot about the last four and a half years, truly."

"I never had a school like this before!" first grader Ethan Hrynkiw said.

There were plenty of new highlights that caught the eye of students as they toured their new building.

"They really liked seeing the cafeteria, the gym and we haven't left our room, other than our P.E. classes, really in four years," Bergman said. "So they were just excited to be going to the art room, going to the library."

First grader Maxwell Lisio was one of many students excited to attend the same school as his older siblings -- for the very first time.

"My brother's locker! I saw my brother's locker. It's number 214," Lisio said.

Students and staff were all overjoyed to finally be back where they belong.

"Walking the halls today, and we were waving to each other, and staff members came out and they were hugging," Bergman said. "We just had this sense of being together again, and I think we hadn't had that in quite some time."

"I'm super happy and proud of my new school," Hrynkiw said.