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Rummage Sale Provides More Affordable Way To Shop

By Brianna Case.
Volunteers meet at the Temple Concord Sisterhood rummage sale every month. People constantly come in to shop for great prices and a great cause.

"We do this to fundraise not only for the Temple Concord Sisterhood, but our money that we raise here goes right back to the community," said Sue Rosenstein, Co-Chair.

Temple Concord Sisterhood has been having a monthly rummage sale at the beginning of every month since 1952 providing a place for affordable clothing.

They wouldn't have been able to keep doing this for so long if it wasn't for the volunteers dedication.

"We consistently can fill a Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon slot, which you can't say in general because people know it's a feel good thing," said Rosenstein.

The rummage sale consists of men and women's clothing as well as children and infant clothing. They also carry household goods. Each item is inspected to make sure it's good quality.

"We have moderate priced clothing, it's always free of tares, it's cleaned, it's pressed, it's on hangers, it's like a store," said Rosenstein.

Volunteers and the chair people say that people love what is offered so much, that it all goes quick.

"Don't put your clothing down because somebody will pick it up and try and buy it," said Rosenstein.

"All these clothes you see right here have been donated by people within the community. They are then sorted through and then after whatever remains is donated to those in need."

"We also support the American Red Cross with clothing in times of need for example, we had the workers here as well as many other people that were affected by the two floods recently," said Rosenstein.

If you would like to donate to Temple Concord, or know someone in need of clothing call the temple office at, 723-7355.