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The Gym Is Packed! Here's Why

By Fox 40 News Staff.
Saturday marks the second day of the new year which means many of us are on day number two of our resolutions. A popular choice for resolutions is fitness.

A Neilsen survey showed that in 2015 two of the top resolutions for last year were "staying fit and healthy" and "losing weight".

This might be why, gyms are nearly empty before the holidays and packed just a few days after.

Gas Lamp Gym in Downtown Binghamton is one of gyms in the area that has experienced this massive fitness frenzy after the holidays.

Owner Brian Nayor says it's because so many people are ready to reach their goals of getting fit.

"This coming week will definitely be a game changer for me. People will always want to, especially on the first Monday, run not walk to their nearest gym and turn over a new leaf. In my experience the first momentum usually keeps until the middle of next month," says Nayor.

Although there is a big gym rush, Nayor says the New Year's resolution crowd doesn't last for long and that the pace of the gym returns to its average just after Martin Luther King Jr. day.