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UPDATE: Site of Endicott Meth Lab Investigation Already In DEA Meth Lab Registry

By Fox 40 Staff.

A release from the District Attorneys office shows that police arrested Gregory Potter this morning after they responded to a domestic dispute call at the residence.

Potter allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and displayed a knife. During the arrest police uncovered meth on his person which sparked the investigation.

A large amount of meth oil was recovered from the home as well as meth manufacturing materials. Authorities also recovered meth oil from Potter's car, which was seized.

The report states that Potter was arrested August of 2014 for the same charge. He plead guilty last month on drug possession charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Potter was arraigned in the Endicott Village Court and remanded to the Broome County Jail without bail.


One arrest was made in connection with a Meth Lab bust in Endicott, according to Endicott police.

Authorities arrived at the scene at 422 Firth Street around 8 a.m. after responding to domestic disturbance on Saturday. Upon arriving to the scene, an investigation into the alleged meth lab began and continued for well over 6 hours.

Endicott Police, New York State Police, Endicott Fire, and Hazmat crews as well as a K-9 unit all responded to the incident. District Attorney Steven Cornwell as well as Village of Endicott Trustee Eileen Konecny were also present for part of the investigation.

Crews searched parts of the garage and the perimeter of the residence until a search warrant allowed them to investigate the full home.

Village of Endicott Trustee, Eileen Konecny commented on the incident saying that she was disappointed and saddened, but not too surprised that this residence was busted. She also said that as a resident it's disheartening but she will continue to support the police and detectives as they continue to close up problems.

Authorities have yet to release the identity of the suspect arrested in connection with the drug bust.

Fox 40 will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Authorities in Endicott are investigating a possible methamphetamine lab at a Firth Street residence.

The 422 Firth Street home is already on the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) national registry of meth lab sites. DEA records show law enforcement reported finding chemicals or other supplies to make meth on August 20, 2014.

The Firth Street residence is one of 22 Broome locations listed on the DEA's registry.

Police closed off the street early Saturday afternoon.

Endicott firefighters, police, investigators and New York State Police started arriving outside the home shortly after 8 a.m.

Lynn Hoeflein said watching the growing number of law enforcement and firefighters in her neighborhood causes her to question her own safety.

"Uncomfortable...not safe in your own neighborhood with all these things. You think living here would be safe," said Hoeflin.

Authorities have provided few details to Firth Street neighbors.

A FOX 40 crew is at the scene and will bring you updates as they become available.