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An Inspirational Update to a Story of Hardship

By Molly Darrow.
FOX 40 recently received a happy update on a past story we covered about a 13-year-old boy diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Now 17 years old, Binghamton resident Kashawn Stroman shared his story of overcoming a dire diagnosis to build a bright future.

"I’ve been accepted into a couple colleges and the main reason I work so hard to achieve this is to show not only me, but other people, that no matter what you go through, you can always succeed,” said Stroman.

FOX 40 first met Stroman in 2012, shortly after he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. This is a condition that means water on the brain. When he went through a growth spurt, a tumor in his brain grew and blocked fluid from moving through his brain and spinal cord. To relieve pressure caused by fluid buildup, Stroman has a medical device called a shunt placed in him. However, because these can sometimes fail, he has needed to have five brain surgeries since 2011.

Despite obstructions, he continued to focus on schoolwork and achieving success. Among his list of accomplishments, Stroman is president of his senior class at Susquehanna Valley High School. He's a member of multiple school clubs; including YES, promoting safe choices for kids, and the National Honor Society. Stroman also takes part in sports as a hurdler on the school's track and field team. He's even received a number of track scholarship offers.

Stroman says the support of family and friends helped him get through his toughest times.

He says his experience will help guide a better future for himself and others. He plans to study occupational therapy in college next fall.