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Local Seniors Share Hopes for 2016

By Jason Weinstein.
Food and friends is a great recipe to help ring in the new year and that's what seniors throughout Broome County did Thursday.

The county's senior centers held New Year's Eve luncheons Thursday. dozens came to the First Ward Senior Center in Binghamton. Diners there said goodbye to 2015 and shared a number of hopes for 2016.

"I'm going to be good to people and do things for other people. I guess that's it," said Sharon Field of Binghamton.

"If kids could move back or visit more and we could see more and do more and just have a good 2016. A healthy 2016," said Blanche Birch of Binghamton.

Two other hopes for 2016 among those at the First Ward Senior Center - more jobs for the area and world peace.