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The Biggest Story of the Year Voted by You - The Binghamton Mets

By FOX 40 Staff.
All week, we've been asking you what you thought were the biggest stories of 2015, and you made your voice heard. A saga that was resolved in the last week of the year was your biggest story.

The Binghamton Mets made headlines in April with reports stemming from a lawsuit that team was being sold. However, president Mike Urda was denying claims that he agreed to an $8.5 million sale of the Binghamton Mets to Main Street Baseball, LLC. It didn’t take long before locals began speculating the fate of the franchise. Soon, the popular belief was that the Mets were out of Binghamton and on their way to Wilmington, DE, where Main Street Baseball has majority ownership of the Single-A team.

The lawsuit was filed with federal courts in Utica. Main Street Baseball was alleging that Urda and the Binghamton Mets Baseball Club entered into a verbal agreement for sale of the team through the B-Mets sale broker Beacon Sports Capital in December of 2014 during the Winter Meetings. The lawsuit was a response to, as Maine Street Baseball says, Urda backing out of the deal and breaking the contract.

This was only five days before the announcement that the Bingahamton Mets and the New York Mets extended their affiliation through 2020. All of this news hitting in the middle of the B-Mets winning an opening week series against Akron.

The lawsuit was settled in May and no details were released regarding the terms at the time, however, Urda said that there is another interested buyer who appeared to be committed to keeping the team in Binghamton.

Rumors of a move continued throughout the season, fueled by stadium lease agreements being made in North Carolina, but no definitive word on the Binghamton Mets was announced. It was later revealed that court papers and filed correspondences said the move was part of the negotiation.

Many in town believed they were about to lose their favorite pastime.

By the time the season wrapped up, Urda opened up about the future of baseball in Binghamton.

In a radio interview in September, Urda said, "[Playing baseball at NYSEG stadium is] extending indefinitely, I mean, 2017 was always in a lock for us. Basically we're looking forward to the future here. There is no contract on the club and we're excited about it."

100 days before Opening Day, Binghamton got an answer, the Mets are here to stay. John Hughes, President of Evans Street Baseball, Inc. purchased the team from Urda, and his partners Bill and David Maines and George Scherer effective December 23rd.

"The B-Mets are here to stay. Not only for today and not only for the 2015 and 2016 seasons, but we're here for the future," Hughes said, "There's a long term commitment in place and we plan to fulfill that."

Now the Silver Season will start without any doubt about the future of the franchise and the citizens of the Southern Tier can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The off-the-field drama has come to an end, just in time for you to vote it the biggest story of the year!