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New Labor Laws for Tipped Workers and Overtime to Start January 1st

By Emily Girsch.
A national law going into effect on January 1st will change the way overtime is paid to salaried employees.

The minimum salary required to qualify for the white collar exemptions will change, allowing for more American workers to ask for overtime.

Of course, new rules regarding pay impacts local businesses.

One local bar manager spoke with us about a new rule in New York for 2016, regarding tipped workers.

They are slated to receive a pay raise to $7.50.

"It should be done on a case by case status instead of everyone being forced to raise rates," said Ed Hickey, owner of the Belmar Pub.

"Because there are a lot of bars in this town where the tipped employees make more than the owners, than the managers, and bumping them up a couple more dollars an hour really destroys the business itself."

Now Hickey says he's always paid his employees the $7.50 an hour rate so the new rule won't affect them, but he said the government regulating the food industry's salaries is a bit intrusive.