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Staying in Good Health this New Year

Is achieving a more fit physique on your New Year's resolutions? If so, you're in good company. In an early 2015 Nielsen survey, 37 percent of Americans said their resolution for this year was staying fit and healthy.

On Wednesday, FOX 40 spoke with Lourdes Family Physician, Dr. Sanjiv Patel, to get some tips for staying in shape. Patel says it's important to keep your eye on your food intake to see where you can cut back. He adds that you should try not to eat later than seven or eight at night. He also says you should try to do at least 115 minutes of aerobic exercise a week.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes that we all make is setting up goals that can be pretty lofty for us to obtain. So I think just making some goals that are obtainable and that are within our reach, and taking small steps towards ultimately what we need to do,” said Dr. Patel.

Patel says quitting smoking, lowering alcohol intake and working to maintain a positive mindset are all proactive ways to improve your overall health.