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An Alternative New Year's Eve Party for Former Addicts

New Year's Eve is a night packed with parties, which can pose a challenge to those hoping to avoid alcohol and other inhibitors.

That's why Brand New Addiction Recovery, a program dedicated to keeping former addicts sober, will be hosting a New Year's Eve party of its own named "Classic Night." The party will include a variety of foods, a water pong tournament, a hip-hop sobriety concert and some other bands.

Organizers say New Year's can be a time of relapse for users who want to have a fun night. This is their way of letting them have that fun and stay sober at the same time.

“New Year’s Eve is a big trigger for people to go out; a lot of parties, a lot of activity, a lot of drugs, a lot of drinking. So it’s good to have a safe haven for people to come to,” said Garrett Wagner, a former addict who has been in recovery for more than four years.

Coordinators are anticipating more than a hundred attendees.

“It’s all about having fun, staying sober and just getting involved in a community of people that are on the same track, trying to do something with their life and not being stuck in addiction,” said Pastor Andrew Rosenbarker, coordinator of the “Classic Night” New Year’s Eve party.

Rosenbarker says that instead of a ball drop, there will be a balloon release to symbolize hope for the futures of former addicts this new year.

The party will be held Thurdsay evening from 6:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at 743 Chenango St. in Binghamton. There is no charge and all are welcome.