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A Ride Home Offered To Avoid New Year's Eve DWIs

A New Year's tradition continues. Yes, this will be another year for the safe night program! It takes effect on Thursday, December 31st.

For over 19 years the Schimmerling Law Offices have worked to stop DWI arrests. After providing 180 safe rides for those who were drinking on New Year's Eve, it decided to continue the program this year. The goal is to make finding a ride easy, free and safe for all who need it.

"It goes directly through my office number 779-1000, you call that number, a cab gets dispatched to you, then they just send me a bill. You don't have to pay anything or sign anything. It's good for one ride home from either a house party, a bar or restaurant," said Shimmerling.

Schimmerling said he will extend his taxi service hours this year to accommodate the bars with extended hours. Schimmerling hopes to reach at least 200 rides this year. The group hopes it will decrease accidents and arrests.