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Bearcats need to be more confident shooting

"We didn't shoot the ball well," is becoming a phrase that BU Head Coach Tommy Dempsey has found himself saying way too much lately. The Bearcats are having troubles finding the bottom of the basket, shooting only 35.4% from the floor in eleven games, and just 28.6% beyond the arc. As far as Dempsey's concerned, part of the solution is taking extra reps in practice, but also confidence.

"To me, so much of it is confidence," he said. "When we're not playing well, we play with a lack of confidence at times. I think in the games when we play well and we've made several threes, those are games where we've made some early and it kind of snowballs into something good for us. But it's a group that lacks confidence at times and that will come with winning."

BU hosts Mount St. Mary's Tuesday at 7:00.