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Area Residents React to Trump, Clinton Tie in New Poll

By Emily Girsch.
A new poll that came out Monday shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as tied for a possible 2016 election nomination.

The Rasmussen Poll showed 37 percent of likely U.S. voters would vote for Clinton, while 36 percent would vote for Trump.

Fox 40 spoke with some residents of the Southern Tier about the race.

"Hillary I think has been in politics for too long," said Buffalo resident Farid Mazrui. "I think it's time for new ideas."

"Donald Trump is a little too radical for people right now I think in the world and in the country especially," said area resident Paul Singer.

"I believe Hillary is going to be our next female president."

"If Trump wins I'm moving to Australia," said area resident Jake Bucher.

The poll also showed that a sizable 22 percent would choose a third party candidate if Trump and Clinton ended up on the ballot.

Five percent are undecided.