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New Jobs To Come At Tioga Downs

Nearly 500 jobs will be coming to Tioga Downs as it prepares for its much talked about casino expansion.

"One job or 1,000 jobs it's always a good thing and Tioga County is growing and expanding and it's a good place to live, a good place to work, so we are very excited," said Sheri Mccall, Manager of Tioga Employment Center and Tioga Work Force.

"It's creating a lot of opportunities for everybody and like I said, a smaller area and expansion like this gives so many opportunities to start at just a smaller end and work and work and work until you find where you want to be," said Hunter Condusta of PA.

Tioga Downs is trying to give these job opportunities to people from all over, even out of state.

"We've hit a variety of different areas, Pennsylvania, New York, Upstate New York, coming far and wide," said Mccall.

And, with this opportunity, Pennsylvania man Hunter Condusta wanted to take up once he heard about it all the way in the Keystone State.

"A good way for me to just know about it, I know a lot people who didn't know too much and they did a good job broadcasting this opportunity and it'd be a nice way for it to expand for everyone around here and all the workers as well," said Condusta.

There will be a variety of jobs in many areas offered at Tioga Downs.

"Over 200 of them are going to be table games, we are also going to have more slots like 200 slot machines, and we are going to have the poker room," said Karen Shelp, Director of Humane Resources.

According to officials at Tioga Downs, there's no need to have prior experience to get a job here.

"We are going to create a database where an email blast will go out to candidates that are interested in becoming a dealer. We are going to have a free school. It's going to be at the Tioga Elementary School in Nichols New York, it's going to be four to six weeks training depending on the school you are dealing," said Shelp.

According to Shelp, the group is hoping to get the license in February and as soon as it gets that, it will start to the official hiring and training process.