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B-Mets to Stay in Binghamton with New Ownership

Good news for Binghamton Mets fans, baseball is here to say.

The Binghamton Mets have formally announced a new owner. At 2:30 p.m. Monday, the club welcomed John Hughes as the new owner of the team. Hughes announced a long term commitment to Binghamton.

Hughes is the head of Evans Street Baseball, Inc.

Hughes says he plans to make B-Mets, "[the] jewel of the community."

The team has a player development contract with New York Mets through 2020, and stadium lease through 2022. Hughes says they'll be here for all of that.

Hughes went on to say, “There are only 30 Double-A teams in the country, we're very lucky to have one." He continued, "it's very unique to have one contract with a big league team for 25 years and it's time we return the favor to the Mets"

An official press release stated that General Manager Jim Weed and staff have been retained.

The deal to hand over ownership from Mike Urda to Evans Street Baseball, Inc. was finalized on December 23rd.