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Black Friday VS. The Day After Christmas... May the Sales Be With You

By Fox 40 News Staff.
Black Friday is recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year but the day after Christmas might be challenging that.

The Oakdale Mall was packed today with people busy looking for deals that come after the Christmas holiday.

Unlike Black Friday, many people are coming to return and exchange gifts that they unwrapped the day before. This results in a large surge of customers who also buy additional items if there are good deals.

" We have returns to do... Some of our family members had gift cards, they want to purchase items with those gift cards today, and get out of the house," said shopper, Jamie McVannan.

"I'm a low budget type of guy,I don't like spending a lot of money...I knew there was a bunch of deals, and i figured I'd come out here and spend some time with my friends and what not while I can. Plus its not bad weather out so its like, why not get out of the house?" said shopper, Wyatt Mckee.

So... Black Friday or the day after Christmas...which do you think is busier?

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