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What's Up With This Warm Weather?

By Fox 40 News Staff.
If you've stepped outside you've probably noticed the unusually warm temperatures. Well you're not the only one, all of the east coast is feeling it too.

This is thanks to a little something called El Niño. According to National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Evans, this El Niño was caused by a warming of ocean waters in the Pacific and an energized jet stream of warmth coming into the United States from those waters. This results in our warm weather outside and colder weather for those on the west coast.

But Evans says that this might change in January.

"As a matter of fact it looks like for the month of January, the jet stream pattern is going to shift." Said National Weather Service Meteorologist, Mike Evans. "Its going to be a strong El Niño energized jet stream. As warm as December has been, it looks like January might end up featuring some more typical cold weather."

Evans says that El Niño was also part of the reason for the extreme cold we received this past February.