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Local Family Welcomes A Christmas Baby

By Brianna Case.
"We really didn't want her to be born on Christmas, I said it all throughout our pregnancy too, you know, as long as it's not on Christmas, as long as it's not on Christmas and now I am so happy we have that story to tell and she has that story to take with her," said Melissa Brunges, mother of Christmas Baby.

Born a week and one day early, the Brunges new born baby girl could not wait.

Her grand entrance was the Christmas gift they ever expected.

"It was a nice surprise, we were ready, hopefully she thinks it's as much as a gift later on," said Brunges "People were saying she was a little Christmas Angel, she is."

This early surprise was another gift to their other children that couldn't' be wrapped and placed under the tree.

"The other kids got to open presents, everything was ready for them, so they got to enjoy their Christmas and get a new baby sister on top of it," said Brunges.

The babies born at the hospital receive a special gift and even their parents get treated extra special with a nice welcoming dinner.

"We have some hats for the babies, so volunteers bring in hats, they are really cute and we are all really excited to have a baby be born on Christmas," said Deneen Bush, Registered Nurse.

"Christmas, Easter we do have special meals for the family so whether its turkey and stuffing and all the fixings or ham."

"I think it's so special that they do that, and then Kay Jewelers sent over the little stuffed puppy," said Brunges.

The Brunges say that having a Christmas baby was a great gift and this is a story that can't easily be topped.

"We can't outdo this story I don't think, so we are exiting our child bearing in a big way," said Brunges.