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That's Not Santa's Sleigh, It's An Asteroid

By Faith Jessie.
It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait... It's an asteroid...and it's passing by earth on Christmas Eve.

Before you go and look out your window, you should know that it is 28 lunar distances away, which is about 7 million miles.

"It is much too far away to be seen with the naked eye and honestly
probably not even visible with an armature telescope," said Roberson
Planetarium coordinator, Christina Mack.

"This asteroid is being studied by nasa because of its close proximity
to us... It is coming close enough for radar detection. They are
studying it so that they can eventually, possibly have a man mission
to this asteroid," said Mack.

According to Mack there are 150 million asteroids known to existence so you might wonder why this one is so significant.

"This one is so special because it was discovered in 2003. So we've
had a chance to really track its orbit and it's trajectory and know
exactly where it will be placed. If we could possibly land men on an
asteroid and study it's structure and composition it could essentially
in Layman's terms become a rest stop in space," said Mack

"Having an asteroid and knowing its orbit and trajectory would be
extremely helpful in being able to land on it and possibly refuel to
get there and back safely," said Mack.

Which could mean one step closer to winter vacations on Mars.

Start packing!