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Local UFC Fighter Devotes time to Self Defense Classes

By Twitter: @alexhoward99.
Big things have humble beginnings, and Binghamton native Tamdan McCrory is no different, with a work ethic developed from early childhood.

"And that is something that was engrained with me from my wrestling coaches, Shamrock wrestling, Ithaca wrestling, all throughout my teen years." said the recent UFC victor.

Growing up in Ithaca, Tamdan turned to martial arts to combat bullying, eventually becoming a brown belt, in Brazilian Ju Jitzu.

"I was a target as a child, you know i was picked on, and they don't pick on me now, or at least they don't do it to my face." he said.

But no matter how great his fighting success, Tamdan never forgets where he came from. teaching self defense classes.

We talked to Lisa Merritt, who appreciate his dedication to his students.

"He very concerned about your goals, before you even take a class he takes them very seriously, and for me as a female, he didn't try to push me away he encouraged me to come. And took my goals of concern of safety seriously, and I appreciate that." She said.

"Looking back, i think that if i had someone like myself in my corner or to learn from, be inspired by, maybe those years wouldn't have been so tough. And that's what I'm doing now." - Tamdan McCrory