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City Council Votes "No" On PLA Override

Binghamton's City council has voted "no" to the idea of an override of Mayor Rich David's veto of a Project Labor Agreement.

This is, of course, often referred to as the PLA. It was regarding a project with a price of around $200 million. The project was for reconstruction at the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment facility. PLAs require a high percentage of workers on a job to be union members. We spoke with a city council member on this controversial issue.

Chris Papastrat 5th District councilman says, "Well I was for sustaining the veto I thought it'd be the best to have a competitive bidding process both union and non union jobs and non union shops can bid the job and I think it actually will help local companies bid the job easier under the non PLA agreement."

Mayor David's veto came after the council passed a measure allowing city officials to start negotiating a PLA for the massive project.