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Benches Used as Sign of Peace for the Community

A high school mentor club worked with a local artist to create a symbol of peace. The symbol was created with mosaic benches.

On Tuesday, the Binghamton High School club, The Brotherz, unveiled its "Peace Benches" at the school. Members say the benches are all about spreading harmony. The group received donations from the community, the Stelmak family, Binghamton City Council and local artist Emily Jablon who helped in the creation.

“If somebody’s ever feeling down about themself, they have a problem, they can just come and sit down and know that there’s other people out there if they need help or anything. That’s what we’re really about in Brotherz, for peace,” said member of Brotherz, Sazvan Doski.

The group plans to create more benches and place them throughout Binghamton's seven district buildings and local parks.