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New Snow Plows to Take on Broome County Roads

While snow may seem like a distant thought at this point, the Department of Transportation unveiled a new tool to help clear roads on Tuesday. This is a tool that it says will be very efficient once the winter season takes full swing.

The department revealed its newest snow plows. More than 70-feet-long from front to back, the plows have the capability to go to a 30-degree angle. This allows them to plow two lanes at a time. Our local region nine currently has 12 of these plows. There are 62 statewide. Three of them will be used in Broome County.

“If you watch a plow truck that travels in one lane, it only clears one at a time.
With this futuristic idea, now we are able to clear two lanes in one pass, which makes the roads that much safer,” said Brian Barnhart, Region 9 Supervising Equipment Operator Instructor.

Due to their large size, these plows will only be used on Interstates 81 and 88 (I-81 and I-88) in Broome County. They will be used on State Route 17 (SR 17) in Tioga, Delaware and Sullivan Counties.