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It's the First Day of Winter. So, Where's Winter?

By Jason Weinstein.
We're a few hours away from the official start of Winter, but we're quite a few degrees away from it actually feeling like Winter

You may have heard it by now. A major El Nino weather pattern in the Pacific has driven warmer temperatures to the northeast. Our average December temperature of 40 degrees is the warmest December on record by five degrees. A forecasted high of 67 degrees on Christmas Eve day would break the all-time December record.

But, meteorologists warn El Nino can also send some storms our way, and colder weather could be here during the first week of January.

"Based on past years with this type of storm track, if we have just a little bit of cold air you can have big snowstorms so things can still change here as you get into January/February," said Erik Heden, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service.