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The Holidays and Their Relation to Opioid Related Overdoses

Research into the topic of heroin or opioid overdoses brings about a sad finding. The number of them around the nation is significantly higher during the holidays, especially December.

There are a number of factors behind these overdoses at this time of year. Of course, the holidays are a stressful time, but there are other issues at this time of year. We spoke with Alexis Pleus of TruthPharm to learn more about opioid overdoses during the holidays.

Alexis Pleus of TruthPharm says "A lot of people believe part of it is because people who use opioids typically avoid alcohol. But over the holiday season, it's a little bit harder to avoid alcohol. and, that's a very dangerous mix with opioid prescriptions. Young people are home for the holidays, maybe they don't have the same safeguards that they have with their social networks."

Pleus adds that those who fear overdose can find a Nacrcan kit at the Southern Tier AIDS Center in Johnson City.