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Serious Accident on 434 on Broome and Tioga County Border

No one was seriously hurt in an early evening two car wreck in the Southern Tier.

At around 5:30 on Monday evening, Fox 40 received scanner reports of a major accident on State Route 434 on the Broome and Tioga County border.

Authorities tell us that two cars were involved in the wreck that occurred on the intersection of 434 and Owego Road. Several emergency vehicles were on the scene and it took around an hour to get some of the victims out of their wrecked vehicles.

Miraculously, no one was seriously injured. We spoke with an Apalachin man who is very familiar with this often perilous intersection. He gave us his account of what he had seen.

Larry Thompson Apalachin resident says, "This is quite busy, down through here. The cars come down through here pretty fast in that other lane and people pull out of the park to get onto 434. And, I don't think they realize how fast the traffic is coming down when they come out to go across these lanes right here. You gotta be careful, it's dangerous down here. I just hope everybody here is alright. They've already taken one lady out, put her in the ambulance. She was walking. So I hope everybody's gonna be alright so they can have a good holiday."

Traffic back-ups were mild surrounding the incident.