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Multi-Million Dollar Art Collection Comes To Vestal

By Fox 40 Staff.
Friday night the Vestal community got a chance to take home a multi-million dollar art collection.

Collector Adam Weitsman, came out to the Vestal Barnes and Noble to sign copies of his book "Art For The People". The book gives an inside look to the pieces he collected for over 25 years and donated to the New York State Museum in Albany.

He says that although he spent countless years on the book, he isn't in it for the money...100% of the proceeds are going to children's programs in Albany.

"I didn't publish the book to make any money on it, it was more to... get pottery more out there in the main stream so people could see it and see a craft that was made here locally....and then also support inner city school programs in Albany," said Weitsman.

All of the art was collected in New York State and Pennsylvania. New York State Museum curator John Scherer conducted the research that valued the collection in the millions.