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Some Local Drug Arrests to Report in Your Friday Crime Wrap

A narcotics trafficking investigation has lead to three felony drug arrests in Village of Sidney. A 22-year-old named Harry A. Ramirez, known as "J.R." or "Junior," of Sidney and the Bronx was arrested when police say he forcibly stole money from a cooperating witness.

He was said to have been in possession of a quantity of heroin with intent to sell. After a search of Ramirez's residence, an investigation revealed that two occupants attempted to flush a quantity of heroin. These occupants, 44-year-old Dawn Beta and 29-year-old Jasmine Santiago, were arrested and sent to jail.

Also, Owego Police have arrested a 38-year-old named Jay M. Pearce after allegedly finding "items consistent with the manufacturing of methamphetamine" in his Paige Street residence. He was hit with felony drug charges and sent to Tioga County Jail.

And, two men from Brooklyn landed in a Binghamton jail last night on felony drugs charges.

A police search of the Clinton Street residence of 34-year-old Abdul Covington and 29-year-old Matthew S. Daniels turned up 63 glassine envelopes of packaged heroin, 9 grams of unpackaged heroin, 9 plastic knotted wraps containing crack-cocaine and $1,600 in suspected drug proceeds.